Salesforce ERP Integration, a successful combination

To be successful in today’s business world, centralized data sources are essential. Achieving an efficient integration between Salesforce and other systems in your business can be challenging, but worth the effort. In this article we will present the main benefits of integrating Salesforce with ERP and the options you have to carry it out.

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Salesforce Internet of Things Services

The Internet of Things is based on the interconnection of almost any everyday computer with the Internet, thus making it a smart device. This means that it has the ability to collect and exchange information with specialized software, achieving on-site data collection which provides endless opportunities for your company.

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Salesforce Sandbox Types, what does the platform offer you?

As part of any Salesforce CRM implementation in your company, having separate test environments from the production one is essential to develop new functionalities, to know the impact of updates, provide user training, etc. In this article, you will learn what Salesforce sandboxes are and the characteristics of the 4 different types that are offered.

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How has IoT impacted business

How has Internet of Things Impacted Business

The expansion of the Internet of Things opens new windows of action for the business world, as well as challenges. In this context, it is called the Industrial Internet of Things. This is the set of connected devices capable of monitoring, collecting, exchanging, and analyzing data while delivering valuable information that allows a company to make more precise business operational decisions.

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Why use Mulesoft?

MuleSoft, the Integration Platform You Need

With the continuous development of information technologies there is more and more data, applications and devices which companies have to work with. It represents a great challenge to integrate all of this information and to be able to obtain the greatest benefits from it. In this article we will learn why MuleSoft is a solution that you should consider to face this challenge.

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Role of BI in a CRM - header

The Role of Business Intelligence in a CRM

There is some discussion between the use of business intelligence tools and CRMs and which ones a company should choose. Although these solutions have data processing at their core and may have somewhat similar functions; the truth is that their objectives and potentialities differ greatly.

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How to get the Sales team to use Salesforce header

How to Get the Sales Team to Use Salesforce

Salesforce is a strategic tool for the growth and evolution of companies, but if it is not used to its maximum capability, it may lose its value. How to get the sales team to use Salesforce can become a real headache if you don’t know how to manage it well.

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Salesforce Experience Cloud - header

All You Need to Know About Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a platform integrated into Salesforce that allows you to build online communities and establish a point of contact with customers, partners or employees. In other words, with Experience Cloud your company can establish a personalized corporate virtual space according to its style. It also offers the possibility to digitize the business processes.

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Salesforce Field Service

10 Key Benefits of Salesforce Field Service for Your Company

Field services are a vital component of customer service in many businesses. Building a successful customer experience provides a strong competitive advantage and Salesforce Field Service Lightning software is designed to do just that. In this article we will show you 10 key benefits of this service for your company.

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SkyPlanner on Clutch

SkyPlanner Earns 5-Star Rating on a B2B Platform

SkyPlanner is a Salesforce expert that helps businesses explore the utilization of a CRM to boost their operations. In light of our efforts to lead our partners toward Salesforce excellence, we recently received a brand new 5-star review on Clutch, a B2B platform.

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Five stars on customer satisfaction and Salesforce appexchange ratings.

"Excellent Consultants. During the training I received by the SkyPlanner team, I was lucky to better understand the powerful capabilities of They were very effective, straight-to-the-point, and with a solid knowledge of the CRM and the platform. Definitively they showed us how to streamline the business process within our company. Great group of people spreading valuable knowledge to make businesses grow. I highly recommend them."

Ramiro Allen — Chief Software Engineer @ TurboPay Limited

"Excellent partner! We have been working with SkyPlanner for almost one year now. It has been a pleasure working with their team. If it wasn't for them we would have not been able to go-live with our platform when we did. They understood our needs and were not only able to execute but guide us in our decisions. We continue using them for our on-going projects. They have a deep understanding of the overall platform. Their team is always ready, willing and able to help."

Ivan de Moya — VP Innovation Technology @ SunStreet

"SkyPlanner was professional, creative, reliable and extremely accommodating. From the onset of the project, it was clear that we had found the right partner. Our project was complex and every time we hit a roadblock, SkyPlanner was helpful in identifying and implementing a solution. Jorge Fernandez [SkyPlanner's Co-Founder & Managing Director] was our primary contact and we cannot say enough about what an asset he was in bringing our project to resolution."

Ryan Borcherds — Marketing @ Deliver Lean

"On time, on budget, great quality on every project. Whenever I get asked to recommend a partner, I do not hesitate on my reply: Go with SkyPlanner. I had the privilege to have worked with many teams over the years, none have brought to the table the enthusiasm the SkyPlanner team has. This combined with their professionalism and expertise are the reasons I ONLY recommend one partner: SkyPlanner. In every project (and we have done many) they have consistently delivered on time and on budget with significantly superior quality."

Juan Meza — Strategic Business Development Director @ Sony Electronics Inc.

"Outstanding Service! Happy to have them as our partner! SkyPlanner is by far the most experienced and reliable Salesforce partner. We almost gave up on Salesforce thanks to our previous partner, fortunately we found SkyPlanner and they came to the rescue! They took their time to understand our needs and complexity of our organization. Highly talented, professional and dedicated team. I cannot stress enough how happy we are to have them as our partner and we look forward to continue building our relationship."

Nolan Pereira — Project Manager @ BLU Products

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