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Einstein is the rockstar of the year at Salesforce, and it’s no wonder, as the CRM is deploying all its power to make AI the ideal ally for every organization. Its idea is to place AI at the center of every business process, department, and team. Of course, marketing is no exception. Einstein for Marketing Cloud is not new, but its functionalities are extremely powerful for optimizing all your marketing campaigns. It facilitates visualizing engagement achieved with tools like Engagement Scoring and Frequency. Additionally, through messaging insights alerts, you’ll receive real-time feedback and actionable insights, ensuring your messages resonate with your audience. As if that weren’t enough, it allows you to apply search tags to images, determine the optimal number of emails to send, and indicate the opportune time for sending.

In short, every marketer’s dream. But let’s delve deeper.

What is Einstein for Marketing Cloud?

Einstein for Marketing Cloud can be understood as the set of AI-driven products designed to optimize your campaigns. These solutions provide valuable insights into your audience, the optimal time to send messages, engagement frequency, and the most effective content. Additionally, with Einstein, you can hyper-personalize every interaction with your customers, delivering the information they need in a timely manner. In short, these solutions guarantee the creation of highly effective campaigns, maximizing ROI.

Einstein Products for Marketing Cloud

Einstein products for marketing are positioned between two main Salesforce products: Marketing Cloud Engagement and MCAE (formerly Pardot).

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Engagement Scoring

It predicts consumer interaction with emails and mobile push notifications. Leveraging customer data and machine learning, it assigns scores reflecting the likelihood of each contact interacting with emails or automatic alerts.

Einstein Engagement Scoring

Scoring Splits

Applies a second level of segmentation to an audience segment based on the probability score of response for each contact. This allows marketing teams to more effectively direct their efforts by segmenting potential customers into groups with a higher likelihood of a positive response. This functionality enhances the personalization of strategies and messages, achieving higher conversion rates and greater campaign effectiveness.

Message Insights

Provides alerts about marketing performance in any component of Marketing Cloud. The Einstein notification badge alerts you to any relevant changes in the performance of your emails. It monitors engagement rates (opens, clicks, and subscription cancellations). When an anomaly is detected, Einstein generates an alert with details about it and its context, allowing proactive strategies to be implemented.

Send-Time Optimization

Predicts the optimal time to send a message, increasing the likelihood of user interaction. This process analyzes recent engagement data of each contact weekly to adjust the sending model. When there is not enough data, a general model based on company data is applied. The send-time optimization dashboard displays future interaction analysis based on approximately 20 variables collected by Einstein, using machine learning over a 90-day interaction period. This way, it determines the best time to send email messages to each contact within the next 24 hours. This feature is also present in MCAE.

Engagement Frequency

Determines the optimal number of emails to send to your contacts and subscribers. This avoids both lack of attention by sending too few messages and fatigue, subscription cancellations, and spam reports by sending too many. Its calculation is based on data from the last 28 days, analyzing only commercial emails, and requires at least five different sending frequencies in that period.

Copy Insights

Examines the subject lines of commercial emails using text analysis and natural language processing to provide linguistic information. This allows for creating more effective subject lines that drive email engagement. With the performance evaluator, you can compare previous subject lines to predict how they will affect the message engagement rate. This tool is updated weekly and to provide accurate results, it requires at least 10 different subject lines sent to 30 subscribers within a 30-day period.

Content Selection

Is a tool for generating personalized content that operates in real-time and without the need for code. It selects content at the moment of opening, allowing for continuous evaluation and experimentation of winning content to optimize click-through rates. It can also replace send segmentation and AMPscript personalization by correlating asset attributes with consumer profile information. Key concepts include asset catalog, asset class, asset attribute, and selection rule, which allow for organizing and customizing content according to business goals.

Einstein Content Selection

Content Testing

Allows testing and selecting images in real-time to optimize engagement. In automatic tests, Einstein applies advanced game theory functions to establish an appropriate balance between content optimization quality and page load time. On the other hand, the manual approach distributes content evenly until a winner is determined, either manually or upon reaching a certain number of clicks. For more complex personalized guidance, using Content Selector is recommended.

Content Tagging

Automatically applies search tags to image files in your Marketing Cloud account. You can instruct Einstein to add up to 25 tags per image. Einstein tags existing JPG, JPEG, and PNG files that are 10 MB or less in size. Additionally, it analyzes new images every 24 hours, automatically applying tags according to account limits.

Email Recommendations

Allows observing customer behavior and offering the best next content or product. You can customize recommendations according to your organization’s rules. Recommendations are displayed on your website as predefined images and links, triggered when users interact with the email. These recommendations are processed just before users see them, ensuring the delivery of the most updated recommendations without compromising performance.

Web Recommendations

Utilizes Einstein’s capabilities to offer personalized content to each website visitor based on their behavior and preferences. You can refine recommendations to fit your business’s specific rules using scenarios in the application. Predictive content is displayed in placeholders on your website and delivered through a JSON or HTML/JS response, with the JSON response being the recommended method due to its flexibility and stylization capability by the web team.

Web Recommendations

Content Builder

Allows generating subject lines and body text for messages. Start by entering a key message of up to 300 characters. Then choose a brand personality and optionally enter a sample subject line or body text. If you don’t like the generated options, start over and create another set of options. Iterate on your favorite options until you find the ideal subject line or body text. You can generate content in both Einstein Copy Insights and Content Builder. The Einstein Trust Layer protects against bias and toxicity. Additionally, it uses data masking to prevent exposure of sensitive personal information, and your data is never stored.

Subject Line Generation

Generates subject lines from a key message or a sample subject line, adapting them to the personality and identity of your brand.

Generate Subject Lines

Body Copy Generation

Enables generative capabilities to develop body text content from a key message or a sample paragraph, aligning it with your brand’s personality.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE)

Behavior Scoring

Analyzes each customer’s behavior history and assigns scores distinguishing between positive and negative activities. This means that the behavior score automatically decreases when customers show negative signals for their conversion probability, such as prolonged periods without engagement. Each prospect receives a comparative score from 0 to 100 compared to other customer records in the database.

Campaign Insights

Analyzes prospects’ potential engagement with marketing assets and their key attributes to identify demographic and engagement trends. It also detects anomalies in engagement data and provides detailed analysis to assist marketing teams. This allows for a better understanding of campaign performance and informed decision-making.

Key Account Identification

Identifies and prioritizes accounts with the highest probability of conversion. It helps companies focus their sales and marketing efforts on strategic customers, fostering higher customer retention and stronger business growth.

Benefits of Einstein Solutions for Marketing

Undoubtedly, Einstein solutions for Marketing Cloud offer significant benefits for marketing representatives. Among them are:

  • Hyper-personalization: enables deeper and more precise personalization in marketing communications, increasing relevance for each customer.
  • Performance optimization: automates key processes, optimizing campaign performance, increasing conversion rates, and ROI.
  • Predictive insights: uses advanced analytics and machine learning to provide predictive insights into customer behavior. This allows anticipating and responding to their needs.
  • Operational efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks and providing insights swiftly, these solutions allow marketing teams to work more efficiently, focusing on high-value strategic activities.
  • Customer experience improvement: By offering more relevant and timely messages and offers, customer experience is improved, generating greater satisfaction.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty: Advanced personalization and delivery of relevant content strengthen the relationship with customers. This increases brand retention and loyalty.
  • Continuous improvement: Thanks to machine learning, the solutions can continuously learn and improve, adapting to changes in customer behavior and market trends.

In summary, Einstein solutions for Marketing Cloud offer a unique combination of AI, automation, and advanced analytics. They help businesses drive customer engagement, increase efficiency, and improve campaign results. Do you want to optimize marketing actions in your organization? Do you want to make the most of your investment? At SkyPlanner, we can help. Talk to us and find the ideal solutions for your business. Write to us at hello@theskyplanner.com.

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