What is Salesforce Einstein and why should you use it in your business?

When we think of Einstein, intelligence is inevitably associated. Therefore, Salesforce Einstein revolves around intelligence, specifically artificial intelligence (AI) applied in the world’s leading CRM. From its inception, Einstein has stood out for its ability to interpret vast datasets through machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to provide real-time predictions and AI-driven actions. It’s worth noting that Einstein’s solutions can be utilized across the entire Salesforce platform, including its industry-specific clouds for marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service, among others. In this way, Einstein brings the power and capabilities of AI to enhance business efficiency and optimize the customer experience.


  • What is Salesforce Einstein?
  • New generation of Einstein.
    • Einstein Platform 1.
    • Einstein Copilot.
    • Einstein Copilot Studio.
  • Einstein Features.
  • Einstein Solutions.
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    • For Sales.
    • For Marketing.
    • For Customer Service.
    • For Commerce.
  • Benefits of Salesforce Einstein in an organization.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is an integrated set of CRM AI technologies that enables personalized and predictive experiences, making your company more professional and appealing. Since its emergence in 2016, it has been at the forefront of enterprise AI technology within the CRM domain. It’s logical that as AI advances rapidly worldwide, Einstein is doing the same within the Salesforce ecosystem.

The turning point occurred at the 2023 Dreamforce where not only a new generation of Einstein was introduced but also a new way of understanding and grasping AI, now more reliable, fair, and accessible. It’s no coincidence that the main theme of the mega-event was “Now everyone is an Einstein: Data + AI + CRM + Trust.” With the title itself, Marc Benioff emphasizes the new approach to enterprise technology and Salesforce in particular, focusing on the interrelationship between data and AI.

This is how Einstein has become the leading trusted AI within CRM, incorporating multiple improvements and new solutions. For example, to better focus efforts and enhance the customer experience, Salesforce decided to consolidate all its AI solutions in one space. Now, AI Cloud, Einstein GPT, and other GPT products are unified under the umbrella of Einstein. It’s essential to note that, following the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, multiple generative AI tools were introduced, including the entire suite of GPT products developed by Salesforce.

New generation of Einstein

However, the progress didn’t stop there. In September 2023, a new generation of Einstein entered the scene, incorporating a qualitatively superior platform.

Einstein Platform 1

Among the most significant announcements made at Dreamforce is the innovative Einstein Platform 1, which merges Data Cloud technologies and AI innovations, transforming the user experience. This platform provides reliable artificial intelligence for businesses, facilitates the creation of low-code applications, and offers completely renewed CRM experiences.

Einstein Platform Architecture
Source: Salesforce.com.

Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot is a ready-to-use conversational AI assistant integrated into every Salesforce application. This assistant enhances productivity by responding to natural language questions and providing data-driven answers securely sourced from the company. Additionally, Einstein Copilot takes proactive measures, such as offering recommended action plans or checking order status, enriching the user experience.

Einstein Copilot Studio

Finally, the Studio is where companies can experience the magic of Einstein and generative AI in all its glory. This powerful tool boosts the capabilities of Einstein Copilot, solidifying Salesforce’s commitment to creating efficient and reusable workflows for users. This solution includes three key components:

  • Prompt Builder: Allows the creation of reusable templates with prompts connected to company and customer data.
  • Skills Builder: Provides specific skills to copilots to perform designated tasks.
  • Model Builder: Offers flexibility in selecting AI models, which can be either Salesforce’s own or those of partners.

These tools enable organizations to build a new generation of AI-empowered applications.

Einstein Features

With multiple enhancements, the Einstein Platform 1 has a set of features that make it an essential tool for organizations.

  • Efficiency and Productivity: Provides specific tools that accelerate development and maximize user time in workflows, customization, and configurations.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensures the protection of sensitive data and regulatory compliance. This is achieved through Einstein Trust Layer, a robust AI architecture designed with the highest standards of enterprise security.
Source: Salesforce.com.
  • Data Harmonization: Unlocks silos by activating all customer data in Salesforce applications, ensuring relevant information at every touchpoint.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Incorporates predictive and generative AI, enabling the secure creation of personalized experiences tailored to business needs.
  • Process Automation: Safely automates business processes by integrating and connecting systems, increasing productivity. Einstein Platform 1 helps IT managers, administrators, and developers create and automate processes 27% faster.
  • Investment Protection: Protects technological investments by securely connecting data, systems, and AI models, enhancing and aligning CRM applications with integrated metadata.
  • Data-Driven Actions: Generates intelligent predictions and recommendations to guide data-driven actions. Currently, Einstein AI generates over 215 billion predictions per day.
  • Flexible Scaling: Enables rapid expansion of Salesforce through buying, building, or partnering based on needs, with open APIs and a partner ecosystem on AppExchange.

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Einstein Solutions

As explained, Salesforce Einstein brings the power of AI to the entire Salesforce ecosystem. But how specifically can it help organizations? Below, we present a comprehensive set of Einstein solutions.

General Solutions

  • Discovery: Discover relevant patterns in data, within or outside Salesforce. Provides AI recommendations and takes actions without leaving the CRM.
  • Prediction Builder: Predicts business outcomes such as ROI or lifetime value. Creates custom AI models in any Salesforce field or object with clicks, not code.
  • Next Best Action: Delivers recommendations to employees and customers, triggering automations.
  • Einstein Language: Understands sentiments, routes inquiries, and streamlines workflows with natural language processing.
  • Einstein Bots: Create customizable bots connected to CRM data to enhance business processes and satisfy customers.
  • Einstein Search: Real-time response suggestions to customer queries.
  • Einstein Vision: Observes social media conversations, uses image recognition to train models that recognize your brand and products.
  • Einstein GPT: Delivers auto-generated AI content directly within the Salesforce platform, with use cases including Slack, sales, service, marketing, commerce, and app builders.

For Sales:

  • Sales Emails: Generates personalized emails with CRM data. Automates communications across various platforms with scheduling and monitoring.
  • Call Summaries: Generates concise sales summaries from calls. Identifies key points, customer sentiments, and next steps.
  • Sales Email Generation with Page Context: Auto-generates email content based on sales history and success cases.
  • Buyer Assistant: Replaces web-to-lead forms with real-time conversations.
  • Pipeline Inspection: Identifies opportunities with low and high likelihood of closing in the current month.
  • Lead Scoring: Prioritizes prospects most likely to convert.
  • Opportunity Scoring: Prioritizes opportunities most likely to convert.
  • Conversation Insights: Gains insights from sales call information using conversational intelligence.
  • Relationship Insights: Identifies valuable relationships by exploring various data sources, structured or unstructured.
  • Email Insights: Prioritizes your inbox with intelligence to take actions.
  • Activity Capture: Automatically captures data and adds it to the CRM.
  • Automated Contacts: Automatically adds new contacts and events to the CRM.
  • Einstein Forecasting: Generates sales forecasts.
  • Recommended Connections: Based on insights from your team’s network, provides connection recommendations and routes that facilitate deal closures.
  • Activity Metrics: Provides metrics on activities entered manually and automatically.
  • Sales Analytics: Provides insights into common sales KPIs.

For Marketing:

  • Engagement Scoring: Rates the likelihood of customer engagement in emails, notifications, and conversions.
  • Behavior Scoring: Evaluates positive and negative activities in MCAE, adjusting the score over time.
  • Engagement Frequency: Determines the optimal amount of emails to prevent subscription cancellations and spam reports.
  • Key Account Identification: Displays accounts with a high probability of conversion.
  • Scoring Splits: Facilitates customer segmentation in Journey Builder based on profiles predefined by Einstein.
  • Send-Time Optimization: Sends emails at the optimal time to keep subscribers engaged and not overwhelmed.
  • Content Tagging: Automatically tags images in content libraries.
  • Content Generation: Quickly creates messages based on effective titles from past campaigns.
  • Einstein Vision for Social Studio: Discovers valuable insights from customer images on social media.
  • Einstein Recommendations: Provides the next best recommendation for a product, content, or offer.
  • Web Recommendations: Observes customer behavior to offer the next best content or product on the website.
  • Email Recommendations: Observes customer behavior to offer the next best content or product in emails.
  • Message Insights: Alerts about changes in performance in any component of Marketing Cloud.
  • Campaign Insights: Identifies demographic trends and engagement with marketing assets.
  • Social Insights: Analyzes social media conversations to better understand customers.
  • Copy Insights: Uses text analysis to generate subject lines that drive higher engagement.
  • Marketing Insights: Highlights crucial insights for total performance management.
  • Einstein Segmentation: Interprets and classifies the customer base through clusters of personas and devices.
Segment Intelligence
Source: Salesforce.com.
  • Segment Generation: Streamlines segment creation using AI recommendations to enhance targeting in campaigns.
  • Einstein Lookalikes: Explores audiences to find users similar to the best ones in the DMP universe.
  • Einstein CDIM: Facilitates audience expansion by identifying individual data across all devices and platforms through the assessment of IP address, location, and purchasing habits.

For Customer Service:

  • Bots: Automates common questions and business processes to quickly resolve customer requests.
  • Case Classification: Reduces manual entry time and enhances accuracy in “Cases” fields.
  • Case Routing: Automates the assignment of cases to the most recommended available agent.
  • Case Wrap-Up: Streamlines case closure with greater accuracy.
  • Recommendation Builder: Provides personalized recommendations to your customers.
  • Article Recommendations: Displays real-time suggestions for the best articles to address queries.
  • Service Replies: Generates real-time personalized responses based on data.
Service Cloud Einstein - Reply Recommendations
Einstein Replies component in the Lightning Service Console. Source: Salesforce.
  • Response Recommendations: Automatically suggests responses and actions for agents.
  • Domain-Grounded Reply Recommendations: Provides precise recommendations supported by high-authority domain sources.
  • Work and Task Summaries: Generates summaries based on conversations, case data, and customer history.
  • Knowledge Creation from Email and Knowledge Creation v2: Automatically updates articles based on support interactions.
  • Mobile Work Briefings: Summarizes relevant information for field teams.
  • Service Analytics: Provides valuable insights into contact center operations to enhance experiences.

For Commerce

  • Search Recommendations: Guide buyers to relevant search terms and products to drive conversion.
  • Search Suggestions: Quickly direct buyers to relevant search terms to increase conversion.
  • Commerce Insights: Transform customer data into actionable merchandising information.
  • Predictive Sorting: Offer personalized product rankings based on customer data.
  • Complete The Set: Automatically enhance product recommendations and provide complementary sets.
  • Search Dictionaries: Improve the search experience for shoppers.
  • Profile Data Connector: Enable customers to contribute their buyer information to Einstein.
  • Semantic Search: AI-driven search that interprets queries and returns relevant results.
  • Recommendations API: Create personalized experiences on websites, mobile, and clienteling apps.
  • Product Recommendations: Personalize shopping experiences with specific product recommendations.
  • Generator Design Page: Instantly create web pages with conversational tools and customizable components.
  • Product Description Generator: Save time with AI-generated, SEO-optimized product descriptions.

Benefits of Salesforce Einstein in an organization

With this extensive set of solutions, it’s worth highlighting the multiple benefits that Einstein can bring to your organization. Among the key ones are:

  • Operational Efficiency: Improve operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks and redundant processes.
  • Intelligent Business Processes: Optimize business processes through data and behavior analysis, recommendations, suggestions, automations, and content generation.
  • Resource Optimization: Allow more effective resource allocation by identifying high-performance areas.
  • Quick Decision-Making: Streamline decision-making by providing quick and actionable insights.
  • Continuous Improvement: Adapt and continuously improve over time by learning from new data and experiences.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among teams by providing centralized and accessible information.
  • Employee Experience Improvements: Enhance the employee experience by optimizing internal processes.
  • Customer Service Improvements: Offer faster and more effective responses by providing real-time contextual information.
  • Customer Segmentation: Facilitate the identification and segmentation of customers for more effective campaigns.
  • Customer Retention Improvements: Identify patterns that could affect retention and suggest strategies for improvement.
  • Personalization of Experiences: Create personalized experiences for customers based on their preferences and behaviors.
  • Performance Analysis: Provide detailed performance analysis.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Assist in complying with regulations through data analysis and process tracking.

In summary, AI plays an essential role in businesses by driving efficiency and informed decision-making. Salesforce Einstein stands out as an exceptional ally by offering predictive analytics, task automation, and experience personalization. Its ability to adapt and evolve continuously makes it an indispensable tool for enhancing productivity and competitiveness in an ever-changing business environment. Interested in implementing Einstein in your company and taking it to the next level? At SkyPlanner, we can help. Our team has the expertise to guide you every step of the way. You can reach out to us at hello@theskyplanner.com.

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