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Your Complete Guide to Nonprofit Cloud

Your Complete Guide to Nonprofit Cloud

Aside from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce also has a product designed specifically for nonprofit organizations – Nonprofit Cloud. Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud has revolutionized the way nonprofits support their causes and handle their data. It’s designed to help organizations better execute their mission and measure their impact. In this post, we’ll go through all the ways in which Nonprofit Cloud can help you achieve your mission’s goals and make a lasting impact in your community. 

What is Nonprofit Cloud?

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud is a CRM platform designed to unite constituents and organizations. It streamlines operations and empowers nonprofit teams to efficiently manage their donations and run their entire mission with one integrated platform that builds meaningful and enduring relationships with supporters and beneficiaries. Altogether, it helps nonprofits to know their donors and volunteers in detail, connect with their causes, and target engagements around their passions. 

Who is Nonprofit Cloud for? 

Nonprofit Cloud is suited for any nonprofit organization regardless of size. From small community-oriented organizations to multinational NGOs and foundations, over 47,000 nonprofits around the world use the platform to help manage and measure their entire mission. 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud clients have reported: 

  • +34% Donor Retention Rate
  • +48% Constituent Conversion 
  • -31% Service Costs 

Don’t believe it? Check out some of the customer success stories here.

How does Nonprofit Cloud work?

Built on one connected platform, Nonprofit Cloud works by helping you break down silos between your fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams by giving everyone a single, shared view of your organization and all those associated with it. From automation to actionable insights to integration, Nonprofit Cloud enables you to stay organized and view of the impact of your campaign efforts while providing you with more time to recruit, track, engage, and retain more donors and volunteers, and cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial supporter relationships. 

Nonprofit Cloud also provides greater transparency within your organization by revealing analytics data through the platform about your donors, constituents and volunteers to your entire organization, earning 51% more effective communication. It offers a wide range of predefined reports specific to Nonprofits like Donor Acquisition, Event performance, Fundraising campaign performance report, Fundraising progress, survey results, and others that can be easily configured with just a few clicks to display all your data in presentable and attractive dashboards. Nonprofit Cloud also equips you with opportunities for finding more constituents effectively while also delivering a faster and more efficient process of responding to constituents.

What are the features of Nonprofit Cloud?

  • Program Management
  • Account Management
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management 
  • Donation Management 
  • Security and Users Setup
  • Data Migration
  • NPSP Analytics
  • Training and Adoption
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing Automations & Engagement 

What are the benefits of Nonprofit Cloud? 

  • Reduce operational costs by 31% using resources to provide better programs for the community
  • Manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters – all onto one integrated platform.
  • Increase donor retention by 34% driving transparency and trust with your constituents and providing reports on the use of donations and the impact given to the community
  • Provide greater transparency within your organization through analytics.  
  • Proactively track the people who are super dedicated to your mission. 
  • Engage more time for you to engage with causes and your donors, automating tasks and processes with the platforms. 

If you’re interested in getting started with Nonprofit Cloud, let SkyPlanner be your partner and unleash the power of Nonprofit Cloud to help your teams make a difference in their respective communities and measure your impact. Our team brings a solid collective experience and a proven standardized process to quickly uncover your unique organizational requirements to implement NonProfit Cloud for your organization. Having adopted the 1-1-1 Model, we also offer discounted rates for nonprofits who are interested in pushing their mission with Nonprofit Cloud. 

To get started on a Nonprofit Cloud implementation, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or calling directly at 305-814-7597.

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