Einstein and Generative AI: Salesforce Redefines the Future of Modern Business Technology

Generative AI is capturing the attention of the modern world, and Salesforce is not lagging behind. The CRM has taken generative AI capabilities to a new level. With limitless potential, generative artificial intelligence models, including Large Language Models (LLMs), have become an integral part of the Salesforce platform.

These models, powered by Data Cloud, open up new opportunities for creating open and extensible content as well as improvements in customer service, sales, marketing, and commerce. In this way, the CRM enhances the customer experience with cutting-edge AI technologies, offering an invaluable suite of generative AI-driven tools. With that being said, let’s go ahead and explore some of them.

New Generation of Einstein

In an effort to better focus their efforts and enhance the customer experience, Salesforce decided to consolidate all its AI solutions into one space. Now, AI Cloud, Einstein GPT, and other GPT products are all Einstein. While Einstein isn’t a new name in the Salesforce ecosystem, it has continuously grown and evolved since its market debut in 2016. Einstein now leads the AI revolution in Salesforce and it’s important to note that it’s not limited to just generative AI capabilities.

As the leader in trusted AI, Einstein offers AI-generated forecasts and content. With a conversational user interface, Einstein seamlessly integrates into all Salesforce applications and workflows, adapting to each user’s specific needs thanks to its customizable and secure set of tools.

Einstein Trust Layer

The ethics and security that Salesforce takes pride in wouldn’t be possible without the Einstein Trust Layer, a robust integrated AI architecture. Designed with the highest standards of enterprise security, this layer allows you to leverage generative AI advantages without compromising customer data privacy.

Companies can trust that their data won’t be retained by third-party large language model providers and, additionally, the encryption of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) further protects customer data privacy.

Moreover, the Einstein Trust Layer includes a security detector that safeguards against toxic content and reputation risks by ensuring the generation of safe responses. Every interaction with AI is recorded in a secure and monitored audit system, providing companies with visibility and control over data usage to ensure compliance with regulations and security standards.

Einstein Platform 1

A significant turning point in Einstein’s evolution was the recent Dreamforce 2023, where the focus was on the integration of AI and Data Cloud. In his main keynote titled “Now Everyone Is an Einstein: Data + AI + CRM + Trust,” Salesforce’s founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, emphasized the centrality of Einstein in the Salesforce ecosystem.

One of the most important announcements at Dreamforce was the groundbreaking Einstein Platform 1, which transforms the user experience by combining Data Cloud technologies and AI innovations. It provides reliable AI for businesses, allowing the creation of low-code applications and delivering fully revamped CRM experiences.

Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot is a ready-to-use conversational AI assistant integrated into every Salesforce application. This assistant enhances productivity by answering questions in natural language and providing data-driven responses. Moreover, Einstein Copilot takes proactive actions, such as offering recommended action plans or checking order statuses, enriching the user experience.

Einstein Copilot Studio

Lastly, the Studio is where companies can experience the full power of Einstein and generative AI. This powerful tool amplifies the capabilities of Einstein Copilot, consolidating Salesforce’s commitment to creating efficient and reusable workflows for users. This solution includes three key components:

  • Prompt Builder: Allows the creation of reusable templates connected to company and customer data.
  • Skills Builder: Provides specific skills for Copilots to carry out designated tasks.
  • Model Builder: Offers flexibility in selecting AI models, including those from Salesforce, OpenAI’s ChatGPT (thanks to collaboration with OpenAI), and partner models like Anthropic, Cohere, Databricks, Google Cloud’s Vertex IX, and OpenAI.

This set of tools empowers organizations to build a new generation of AI-powered applications.

Suite of Generative AI Products in Salesforce

While we’ve provided context for the AI revolution in Salesforce, it’s time to explore the entire suite of generative AI products on the platform. It’s worth noting that the starting point was the launch of ChatGPT, the first large-scale AI solution democratizing generative AI to humanity. From there, Salesforce developed a range of GPT products across the platform.

Einstein GPT

First came Einstein GPT, serving as the umbrella for GPT technology within the Salesforce platform. It’s a powerful integration of public and private AI models with CRM data. Users can ask questions in natural language, receive AI-generated content tailored to changing customer needs, and utilize Salesforce’s private models, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and external customer-specific models.

Einstein GPT for Developers

Focused on developers, Einstein GPT enhances productivity by providing an AI chat assistant for formulating questions and generating code in languages like Apex. This solution is based on Salesforce Research’s patented LLM technology and is designed to automatically and dynamically generate code tailored to developers’ specific needs.

Einstein GPT, The World’s First Generative AI Tool For CRM

Salesforce Einstein GPT is a fully functional suite of solutions integrated with generative Artificial Intelligence technology. Your users will be able to generate content created by AI in natural language and in a very easy and fast way.


Sales GPT

By leveraging generative AI and consolidating data into a single platform, sales teams can optimize their processes. These generative AI tools reduce the time spent on research and communication, allowing sales professionals to focus on relationships, deal closures, and revenue growth. Generative AI tools for sales include:

  • Sales Emails: Instantly generate personalized emails with CRM data, automate communications across multiple platforms, and schedule and monitor them.
  • Call Summaries: Generate concise and actionable sales call summaries based on customer conversations, key points, and customer sentiment to enhance cross-department collaboration.
  • Sales Email Generation With Page Context: Autogenerate email content using recommendations based on sales reps’ historical success and case data.
Sales GPT
Source: Salesforce.com.

Service GPT

Service GPT and Field Service GPT leverage real-time data from Data Cloud and robust AI capabilities to streamline service operations and enhance customer retention. Service agents can resolve cases faster without sacrificing customer satisfaction. These teams use generative AI to generate reports, case summaries, and work orders, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional experiences. Key solutions include:

  • Service Replies: Automatically generate personalized responses with real-time CRM and other data.
  • Response Recommendations: Automatically provide tailored suggestions for agents within the Service Console, including recommended actions.
  • Domain-Grounded Reply Recommendations: Precise recommendations backed by authoritative sources for safe and reliable use.
  • Generative Search Answers for Service Agents: Response suggestions for customer queries via a new widget in the Service Console.
  • Work Summaries: Generate case summaries and customer engagement based on conversations, case data, and customer history.
  • Task Summaries: Similar to case summaries, but for task records.
  • Knowledge Articles: Knowledge Email Creation & Knowledge Creation v2: Automatically generate and update knowledge articles based on real-time support interactions.
  • Mobile Work Briefings: Summarize relevant information for field service teams before appointments.
Service GPT
Source: Salesforce.com.

Marketing GPT

Marketing teams can automate tasks such as email copywriting, web page personalization, and survey creation. This simplifies customer and prospect interactions across channels like email, mobile, and advertising, offering a more efficient and personalized approach. Key tools include:

  • Subject Line Generation: Quickly create messages based on effective campaign titles from the past, with customization and A/B testing options.
  • Segment Generation: Accelerate audience segment creation for improved campaign targeting. AI recommendations help select more effective segments.
Marketing GPT
Source: Salesforce.com.

Commerce GPT

Commerce GPT enables businesses to provide personalized shopping experiences. It generates recommendations, content, and automatic communications based on real-time data. Additionally, it assists in creating effective digital storefronts and automates complex tasks such as product catalog management, multilingual description generation, and component personalization. Solutions include:

  • Generator Design Page: Instantly create and design web pages with conversational builder tools and customizable components.
  • Product Description Generator: Save time with AI-generated, SEO-optimized product descriptions.
Commerce GPT
Source: Salesforce.com.

Slack GPT

Slack GPT is a conversational AI native experience within Slack, that transforms the way teams work. It allows the use of generative AI application integrations, language models in different languages, and access to secure customer data from Customer 360 and Data Cloud. It also collaborates with Einstein GPT to boost organizational efficiency. With Slack GPT, users can create workflows without programming, incorporating AI actions with simple instructions at each step.

Tableau GPT

Tableau GPT enhances the data visualization platform, enabling users to interact with data conversationally, simplifying the extraction of valuable insights. Additionally, Tableau Pulse, powered by Tableau GPT, automates data analysis and provides information in natural language and visual formats. Users can quickly get answers to their questions and explore data, increasing productivity and facilitating the creation of attractive visualizations.

Flow GPT

Flow GPT enables the creation of workflows based on natural language instructions, streamlining process automation. Users and administrators can describe both the flows and the formulas they desire. Generative AI will automatically generate the necessary flows, formulas, and functions. It also enhances search capabilities by describing a function and allowing Einstein GPT to insert the correct flow, eliminating the manual search for subflows and callable actions.

In Conclusion…

Generative AI in Salesforce presents a set of revolutionary solutions that transform how businesses work and interact with their customers. It facilitates the generation of personalized content, streamlines repetitive tasks, and ensures data security. This enables companies to improve their productivity and efficiency while offering more personalized and relevant experiences to their customer base, which strengthens trust in their brand.

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