15 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Salesforce

It’s more likely that you live on a deserted island than haven’t heard about ChatGPT. Since its emergence, this tool has become a crucial add-on to Salesforce solutions, given its impressive generative AI capabilities. From automatic content generation to validation rules, Apex code, Lightning Web Components (LWC), conversation summaries, and knowledge articles, among others, ChatGPT has proven its worth. The integration between ChatGPT and Salesforce can optimize a significant portion of organizational processes, resulting in considerable time savings. This not only enhances CRM data management, now powered by generative AI, but also elevates the customer experience to a new level.
In this article, we will delve into the details of how ChatGPT can be integrated with Salesforce.

What is ChatGPT?

Consistently, we asked ChatGPT what it was, and here’s what it responded:

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It’s a deep generative language neural network, meaning it’s trained on a large amount of text to generate coherent and meaningful responses to user questions and commands.

In essence, ChatGPT is nothing more than a chatbot, akin to Einstein bots. However, it’s a powerful one! Built on the OpenAI GPT-3.5 family of large language models and both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques, ChatGPT was trained on a vast amount of internet text with a cutoff in January 2022. It has been optimized for natural language processing tasks such as text generation, question answering, translation, and text classification. The technology behind ChatGPT is advanced and continues to evolve, relying on machine learning and deep learning techniques.

In 2023, OpenAI released two new models: ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo and ChatGPT-4, with the latter being a vastly superior version. For example, GPT-4 is multimodal, processing both textual and visual inputs, effectively understanding and describing images. It has also reduced the probability of generating nonsensical or “AI hallucinations” by 19-29%.

In terms of security, GPT-4 incorporates measures from the outset, generating only 0.73% “toxic” responses compared to GPT-3.5’s 6.48%. It excels in maintaining context, better remembering the conversation, and improving context length to handle more extensive inputs. In summary, the aforementioned improvements make GPT-4 a more advanced and versatile option.

ChatGPT Models

Every AI tool is based on models that enable it to find patterns and make decisions from a set of data. The OpenAI API is powered by a family of models with different capabilities and pricing scales. You can also customize your base models for your specific use case. The models used are:

  • GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo: Models that improve upon GPT-3.5 and can comprehend and generate natural language or code.
  • GPT-3.5: Models that enhance GPT-3 and can comprehend and generate natural language or code.
  • DALL·E: A model that can generate and edit images with natural language prompts.
  • TTS: A set of models that can convert text into natural-sounding spoken audio.
  • Whisper: A model that can convert audio into text.
  • Embeddings: A set of models that can convert text into numerical form.
  • Moderation: A fine-tuned model that can detect if text may be confidential or unsafe.
  • Base GPT: Uninstructed models that can comprehend and generate natural language or code.
  • GPT-3 Legacy: Models that can comprehend and generate natural language.

This is a brief overview of the main models, but you can explore them in more detail here. OpenAI retires old models to launch safer and more advanced versions. When a model is declared obsolete, it is immediately deactivated, with a specified shutdown date. In contrast, legacy models, those that won’t receive updates, are labeled as such, signaling developers to migrate to newer options.

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Use Cases for ChatGPT in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Now comes the million-dollar question: how to use ChatGPT in Salesforce? Here are several use cases:

1- Code development: ChatGPT has absorbed knowledge from millions of lines of code, making it a valuable tool for junior developers. While the generated code may not be entirely accurate, it serves as a solid starting point for programming tasks. Developers can use ChatGPT’s code suggestions for inspiration, accelerating the development process and allowing them to focus on more complex aspects of their projects.

ChatGPT and Salesforce - Code Generation

2- Configuration: For a Salesforce administrator, ChatGPT can be an invaluable ally in streamlining CRM configuration. However, it’s crucial to collaborate effectively to improve result quality. While ChatGPT can generate content such as knowledge articles, administrators need to be aware of its limitations regarding custom fields and specific company requirements.

3- Client Proposals: Consultants can use ChatGPT to generate the initial draft of a proposal, obtaining an initial structure. However, it’s essential to customize it to fit each client’s specific needs. While ChatGPT provides a starting point, customization and individualized attention are crucial in today’s business landscape for client retention.

4- Knowledge Management: Integrating ChatGPT with Salesforce offers an effective solution for intelligent knowledge management. Connecting these tools facilitates notable assistance in accessing relevant information throughout the organization. ChatGPT helps optimize knowledge management by providing contextually appropriate answers and improving efficiency in retrieving key information for Salesforce users.

5- Smart Recommendations: Using information gathered from past interactions and data analysis, ChatGPT can provide contextually relevant suggestions. This approach not only streamlines decision-making but also contributes to improving productivity by offering users specific and valuable information based on their historical needs and preferences in Salesforce.

6- Guided Assistance: ChatGPT would be excellent for providing guided assistance to users within Salesforce. For instance, when users need help completing forms or have questions about processes, they can ask the bot, which will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task.

7- Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: Integrating ChatGPT as a virtual assistant or conversational chatbot for customer support enables quick and accurate responses to frequently asked questions. It also provides detailed information about products and guides users through common processes. This strategy enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, allowing the customer service team to focus on more complex cases.

8- Data Analysis and Reporting: ChatGPT’s ability to analyze extensive amounts of data in Salesforce and generate reports is invaluable for obtaining detailed insights into customer behavior and performance. This facilitates informed decision-making, trend identification, and strategy customization, significantly contributing to the effectiveness of business operations.

9- Predictive Analysis: Integrating ChatGPT with Salesforce analytics tools enhances organizations’ predictive capabilities. By processing data and analyzing trends, ChatGPT can provide relevant information, contributing to informed decision-making for developing effective strategies in marketing and sales. This synergy enables anticipating future scenarios, allowing businesses to adjust and optimize their approaches proactively.

10- Content Creation: Incorporating ChatGPT also enables efficient automation in generating content for various channels, such as websites, emails, and marketing materials. Leveraging its ability to generate coherent and relevant text, businesses can streamline the content creation process, ensuring consistent production tailored to their specific needs. This not only saves time but also contributes to maintaining a dynamic and engaging digital presence.

Gartner cycle

11- User Training: Implementing a virtual trainer through ChatGPT can significantly improve the training process for Salesforce users. This assistant would be capable of answering questions about platform usage, providing step-by-step tutorials, and offering contextual assistance. It provides users with an interactive and accessible resource that facilitates understanding of Salesforce functionalities, speeding up the learning process and increasing efficiency in platform usage.

12- Lead Scoring: Automatic lead scoring through ChatGPT streamlines the process by interacting with prospects, asking questions, and evaluating their suitability. This would optimize the identification of valuable leads, enabling sales teams to focus on promising opportunities.

13- Interactive Forms: Implementing ChatGPT for creating interactive forms revolutionizes information collection. Users can complete forms through natural language responses, allowing the assistant to process and store information efficiently in Salesforce. This approach enhances the user experience and streamlines data management on the platform.

14- Customer Experience Personalization: Through a virtual assistant, it’s possible to remember a customer’s preferences and offer personalized recommendations. This capability not only improves customer satisfaction but also strengthens the connection between the company and its customers by providing more tailored and meaningful interactions.

15- Team Collaboration: Integrating a ChatGPT-based chat in Salesforce offers an effective solution to boost collaboration among teams. It facilitates summarization, project discussion, information exchange, and provides instant answers. This real-time collaboration tool contributes to operational efficiency by fostering smooth communication and streamlining decision-making among team members.

Precautions with ChatGPT

While it seems that areas like marketing, sales, and service benefit the most from ChatGPT and Salesforce integration, the entire organization can be optimized. However, this doesn’t mean that ChatGPT can replace any role in any area in the near future. It’s a powerful tool in itself, providing coherent and logical responses, greatly facilitating certain tasks. However, as mentioned, it uses too much generic, non-personalized content and is incapable of producing new content. Additionally, it raises concerns in the security area.

Indeed, according to the “Generative AI Trends for Sales” report, 73% of sales professionals are concerned about the security risks associated with this technology. Additionally, 49% acknowledge not knowing how to use it safely at work. Furthermore, ChatGPT often lacks context to provide accurate responses.

Therefore, according to Salesforce, before adopting any integration, it’s important to take these precautions:

  • Data Security: Public generative AI tools like ChatGPT may not be entirely secure, as the entered information is not encrypted, making it vulnerable to unauthorized access. It’s advisable to avoid sharing confidential data.
  • Result Inaccuracies: These public tools may contain inaccuracies as they don’t have access to the most updated information and don’t thoroughly examine information. Remember that ChatGPT’s current dataset only goes up to January 2022. Carefully review results to identify possible inaccuracies.
  • Limitations in Contextual Knowledge: Generative AI lacks human contextual knowledge and cannot generate human emotions. It may also struggle to connect information dots, identify causes and effects, and use language appropriate to the context. It’s essential to review results to ensure natural language and appropriate context.
  • Lack of Customer Context: These tools also lack customer context. In contrast, AI tools integrated into many CRMs can provide more personalized and relevant results by extracting customer information. These CRM tools excel in recognizing causes and effects, understanding motivations, and reflecting the customer’s voice.

It’s prudent not to overestimate ChatGPT. At the same time, it’s foolish not to leverage its advantages. Currently, it can be used as a virtual assistant to help with specific tasks, but it shouldn’t be your sole source of information. Proper use of this tool will have a favorable impact on your Salesforce solution. However, be mindful of taking these and other precautions.

It’s more advisable to make use of generative AI capabilities within Salesforce. Throughout 2023, Salesforce has developed multiple solutions incorporating this technology. Currently, it not only has a comprehensive suite of GPT products but also an evolutionary leap in Einstein. Since the past Dreamforce, Einstein Platform 1 has become the CRM’s trusted AI, providing a high-performance real-time conversational assistant, Einstein Copilot, and an Infinite Capability Studio. Besides eliminating potential data security and privacy gaps, being part of Salesforce’s own ecosystem facilitates integration with other platform solutions.

In any case, ChatGPT marked the beginning of the generative AI revolution and is a powerful tool that cannot be underestimated. Additionally, it’s important to remember that OpenAI releases versions frequently, addressing major issues promptly. There’s definitely much more to see and experience with ChatGPT!

For now, if you want to make the most of CRM, generative AI is undoubtedly one of the technologies revolutionizing how to do it. If you’re considering implementing it in your organization, SkyPlanner is ready to help you achieve this goal. Reach out to us at hello@theskyplanner.com.

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