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Your Complete Guide to Community Cloud

Your Complete Guide to Community Cloud

What if you can give your customers one place to find information about your company and their data, manage documents, cases and claims? Well, you can with Salesforce Community Cloud. Community Cloud enables you to extend your Salesforce CRM data and connect to your customers like never before. Best of all, it’s highly flexible for any business demand and use case. In this post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Community Cloud. 

What is Community Cloud? 

Community Cloud is a CRM platform focused on customer support, and provides an engaging self-service online portal for your customers, partners, and employees. It seamlessly connects your customers and partners in real-time to your internal Salesforce data, increasing interactions and engagement with your brand. Members can log in to find answers, resolve issues, and share experiences.

Who is Community Cloud for?

Community Cloud is most valuable for companies who are interested in connecting their customers, employees, and partners with each other. The branded sites in Community Cloud allow for their organizations to collaborate and find support easily.

How does Community Cloud work?

Community Cloud empowers businesses to create intuitive digital spaces for every need: customer community, channel partner site, commerce, and beyond. You can craft your brand experience and improve navigation using pre-built templates that suit your specific needs and stunning themes that give life to your brand. Because Community Cloud is fully mobile-responsive, you don’t need to build a separate mobile component to deliver a personalized mobile experience that increases engagement and customer loyalty. 

With Community Cloud, you can enable users to discover relevant content, groups, people and files. Community Managers can get insights on user feedback to drive engagement and provide instant answers to questions without the need to contact customer support. They can also launch personalized email journeys for community members, based on their CRM profiles and community interactions. Lastly, you can measure the health of your community, monitor activity, analyze and take immediate actions to optimize customer experiences and increase retention.

What are the features of Community Cloud?

Below are the main features of Community Cloud. Community Cloud can also be customized with specific features to meet your business needs. 

  • Business Integration
  • Community Management 
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Case Management
  • Security Management 
  • Customization & Branding 
  • Community Mobile
  • Community Analytics 
  • Chatter Collaboration

What are the benefits of Community Cloud? 

  • Boost agent productivity and improve support team manageability.
  • Share technical knowledge with your customers through self-service tools.
  • Engage with your customers 24/7 because the portal is always live and responsive. 
  • Provide a new and easy channel to get feedback from your customers and reduce service costs by 20%. 
  • Boost customer happiness and trust with speed of service 40% faster.  
  • Enhance customer experiences and increase engagement by 43% and retention by 53%. 
  • Drive transparency and trust with your customers guaranteeing privacy, security and quickly access to the data they need.

If you’re interested in getting started with Community Cloud, let SkyPlanner be your partner and unleash the power of Salesforce Community for your company. With our certified Community Cloud consultants and past successful implementations, our team bring a solid collective experience across different industries, and a proven standardized process to quickly implement Community Cloud for your business. 

To get started on a Community Cloud implementation, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or calling directly at 305-814-7597.

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