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Helpful Resources to Navigate Salesforce

Helpful Resources to Navigate Salesforce

Here are some helpful tools & resources to help you find your way around Salesforce.


Trailhead is a learning community full of videos and interactive tutorials to teach you how to do everything and anything on Salesforce. Whether you’re an admin, user, developer, or partner, you can learn how to use Salesforce through its free online modules.

System Administrator 

Your system administrator is usually well-versed on Salesforce, and can help you navigate the platform and aid you in any struggle you might be having.  

Salesforce Help Support 

Most Salesforce pages have a “Help for this Page” link that leads you to a help guide specifically geared to the page you’re on.  For general support from within Salesforce, you can click the Help link on the Home page, and type some keywords related to your question into the Search bar. There you will find a list of suggested articles that include Help topics. You can also contact Salesforce support and create a case if you’re having a particular issue. 

Salesforce Success Community 

There’s also the Salesforce Success Community where you can interact directly with other Salesforce users to get the answers you need.  To seek opinions from others in the community, you can search or post a question in the community. Many times you’ll find users with similar issues you might be having, and will find the right solution right away.  


Another method to ask for help from the Salesforce tech community is Twitter. If you’re already a Twitter user, use the #askforce hashtag in your tweet to shout out your question.


You can also check out our blog as well as the FAQs on our website to help you out whenever you get lost. We’ve got plenty of free, handy resources for everyone!

And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us by calling (305) 814-7597 or emailing [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to help with any Salesforce need. 

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