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Many expectations were set at Dreamforce 2023 with the introduction of Salesforce’s new paradigm, embodied in an enhanced generation of Einstein. The 2023 World Tour only added fuel to the fire by presenting updates for the already famous Einstein Copilot and its Studio. Well, last February, with the Spring 24′ Release, these new features became a reality, promising to be a distinctive boon in business productivity.

Driven by generative AI, both Copilot Studio and the chatbot itself mark a milestone in the evolution of customer care. Now, all company data, structured or not, such as sales emails or social media conversations, will form a vector database in Salesforce Data Cloud. This way, they can be leveraged to deeply understand and hyper-personalize the customer experience even more. But how do you use this new and vast set of information? Don’t be overwhelmed as you won’t be alone. For this, you’ll have the best travel companion the CRM offers. Let’s talk about Einstein Copilot!

What is Einstein Copilot?

Einstein Copilot is the new conversational AI assistant. It’s reliable, ready to be used, and integrated into the user experience of every Salesforce application. Plus it goes beyond that.

It represents an innovative approach for Salesforce by showcasing a user-friendly interface where generative AI is directly integrated into the workflow. It facilitates communication, using natural language, to provide data-driven answers. This allows sales representatives to efficiently research opportunities, obtaining valuable summaries from CRM data. Additionally, Copilot helps close deals by generating custom closure plans and facilitating their execution.

Einstein Copilot - Interface

Moreover, proactively, Copilot suggests options for additional actions beyond user queries. This means that it not only provides information when requested, but also automatically suggests recommended action plans after a customer interaction. It can also check the status of orders or create a new knowledge article. To put it simply, it is your tailored 24/7 ally.

How does Einstein Copilot work?

As we already know, Data + AI + CRM + Trust is Salesforce’s new paradigm. So, one cannot talk about Copilot without mentioning Data Cloud, formerly Genie. Salesforce added powerful functionality to Data Cloud, allowing it to now work with unstructured data. This update enables connecting all your company’s data to Data Cloud, using them as a vector database to effectively index all information and display it in a unified view. This makes the data available for automations, searches, and also for Einstein Copilot.

A vector database is a data storage system that utilizes vectors: ordered sets of numbers, to represent information about customers, products, and other relevant data. These vectors enable efficient processing by artificial intelligence algorithms, employing natural language processing and machine learning techniques to understand and analyze the information contained within them.

The integration of unstructured data significantly enhances Einstein Copilot, making it an even more productive tool. Now, Copilot can access and comprehend diverse data, such as PDF articles, call transcripts, social media conversations, etc.

This capability to leverage unstructured data is crucial as it provides a valuable bundle of information that Einstein can use to formulate responses. Furthermore, it ensures that AI can fully harness this information when interacting within the CRM realm, allowing for more effective customization of customer interactions.

Moreover, one cannot discuss Copilot without mentioning the Einstein Trust Layer, the trusted AI architecture in Salesforce. Both Copilot and its Studio will operate within the Trust Layer, enabling organizations to obtain trustworthy AI results in accordance with privacy and security standards. This means that, thanks to zero retention agreements and data masking, you can connect your business data to any LLM without exposing its privacy. Additionally, Copilot’s responses will have a toxicity rating that facilitates the evaluation and refinement of the response itself.

Einstein Copilot - How it works


Recapping what we’ve covered, we can summarize the main features of Copilot as follows:

  • Ready-to-use solution, seamlessly integrated into the workflow.
  • Integration in a single view of all data from various sources.
  • Utility retrieval and processing of unstructured data.
  • Ability to generate highly personalized messages, actions, and action plans.
  • Focus on data security and privacy.

Let’s look at common use cases

At this point, one might wonder: What can Copilot really do? How can it assist different areas of your organization? Well, Salesforce itself provides several use cases:

  • Sales: It researches accounts, prepares for meetings, and automatically updates account information in Salesforce. It also summarizes highlights, presents customer opinions, and extracts next steps from video calls by delving into specific details in customer calls. Furthermore, it can generate sales emails tailored to the customer’s tone and style, and even automatically draft clauses for inclusions in customer contracts.
  • Service: It automatically issues personalized and relevant responses across different channels, such as email, SMS, live chat, or social media. It empowers service teams to quickly resolve customer issues using generative responses integrated into their workflow. It also includes the ability to summarize complex support cases and field service orders.
  • Marketing: It automatically generates email copies for campaigns, creates smarter campaign segmentations, and designs custom landing pages based on consumer buying preferences and navigation. It also automatically creates contact forms for each customer’s unified profile and generates surveys after online actions.
  • Commerce: It provides step-by-step assistance in creating digital storefronts, automates complex tasks like catalog management, and generates product descriptions in multiple languages, personalized promotions, and SEO metadata. Additionally, it allows for designing custom websites with natural language instructions.
  • Tableau: It enables quick transformation of raw data into useful information in a conversational interface. It enhances analysts’ productivity with a natural language assistant, creates relevant visualizations, automates repetitive tasks, and promotes efficient data hygiene.
  • Developers: It converts natural language instructions into Apex code, suggesting more effective and precise code. It proactively analyzes code vulnerabilities from the developer environment.

Benefits of Einstein Copilot

In general, Copilot streamlines the work of your representatives by allowing them to ask questions or give instructions in natural language and providing context-specific responses. Therefore, we can summarize its main benefits as follows:

  • Powerful Specific Assistants: Enables the creation of powerful assistants perfectly tailored to the workflow of a specific agent. This integration is essential to maximize the tool’s utility and improve individual operational efficiency.
  • Increased Productivity: Copilot is designed to guide users in their daily tasks, making it easier to perform routine activities. This allows for the reuse of 30% of available time for more complex tasks.
  • Hyper-personalization: The ability to understand unstructured data allows the ability to provide customers with an unprecedented experience.
  • Proactive Actions: Automatically suggests actions and action plans after customer interactions.
  • Data Visualization: Consolidates data from various sources into a single visualization, facilitating its processing.
  • Compliance with Privacy Standards: Operates within a trusted environment, complying with data privacy and security standards.

In conclusion, Einstein Copilot is not just an AI tool, but a strategic partner for companies aiming to deliver exceptional customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. Its ability to seamlessly integrate into workflows, personalize interactions, and enhance data security makes it a comprehensive solution.

Addressing various areas including sales, marketing, and customer service, Copilot is ready to lead the next wave of business innovation. If you’re ready to take your company to the next level with the best Copilot by your side, SkyPlanner has the necessary expertise to guide you at every step. Reach out to us at hello@theskyplanner.com and discover how we can help you optimize this revolutionary assistant.

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