Big or small, there’s a Salesforce application that’s right for your business. We’ll take a close look at the way you run your business and propose solutions to make its operations more efficient, be it from a sales, productivity, social integration or customer-relationship perspective.

Our goal is to customize a set of Salesforce applications that will seamlessly fit into your company’s business model, eliminating your need to have costly on-site support.

SkyPlanner Partners also offers convenient training, both on- and off-site, so you can best utilize those solutions. As your Miami Salesforce consultants, SkyPlanner Partners will help your business run faster, simpler and better.



Whatever the nature or size of your project, we can assure you that as trusted Salesforce advisors, we treat each one with the same dedication and “pair of fresh eyes.” Your Miami Salesforce consulting partners believe no two companies and projects are alike.

Business Process Optimization

Before we develop a plan of action, your Miami Salesforce.com consulting firm will implement an in-depth analysis of your enterprise in order to fully understand your business and the way you work. Simply put, we want to know what you do and how you do it so we can show you how to better your own system.

SkyPlanner Partners will share with you our findings and discoveries, some of which might be surprising. We’ll discuss your company’s strength and weaknesses, offer solutions on how to enhance your business’ performance and recommend a working timeframe. SkyPlanner Partners’ goal is to create a Salesforce plan for your business that will increase your return on investment, optimize your team’s adoption of it and ultimately increase revenue while always keeping cost low.

  • Recommendation and enhancement proposal
  • Build a prototype for your business
  • Implement, deploy and support your needs

CRM Consulting

Salesforce’s CRM solution works as a one-stop shop for your sales team needs. Think file sharing, quotes, contacts, product tracking, real-time analytics and everything in between to help them close those deals. With Salesforce’s CRM, there’s no doubt you can get the most out your sales process.

By working with your Miami consulting Salesforce team, you can tap into insights from your social media sites to help you sell more effectively. You can stay connected with your customers, responding to hot leads or checking dashboards from wherever you are, so you don’t miss a thing. You can collaborate in real time with your employees and stay up-to-date with their projects thanks to Chatter. Salesforce CRM’s also allows you to work with tools you already use such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, not to mention optimizing marketing campaigns and simplifying the approval process for your company.

Here are a few applications your Miami Salesforce partners can implement:

  • Social intelligence including account history, customer communications, internal discussions
  • Email integration
  • Sales opportunities and quotes tracking
  • Real-time visual workflow
  • Content library
  • Lead Management

Force.com Custom Development

Also known as the Custom Cloud, Force.com on-demand applications allows SkyPlanner Partners to develop a platform and infrastructure unique to your company. We understand there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, so we work hard to leverage Force.com’s progressive capabilities at a minimum price.

Our team of certified Miami Salesforce consultants and developers are well-versed in customized apps in a variety of industries including life sciences, tourism and hospitality, logistics and more. We’re confident we can help you maximize the Saleforce experience for your needs.

Here are a few Force.com technologies your Miami Salesforce partners can use to implement your custom application:

  • APEX code
  • Visualforce
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Workflow and approval procedures
  • Customer and partner portals
  • Force.com Sites

Integration Services

To run efficiently, today’s enterprises work with an extensive menu of applications that are used by various departments and team members. In the past several years, businesses have gotten more used to rely on online applications for their daily operations. In addition to the assortment of cloud computing services, SkyPlanner Partners offers, we also deal with app integration fitting right into your infrastructure. Thanks to the comprehensive capabilities of Salesforce, we’re able to support a wide variety of your communication channels including sensitive data. Your Miami cloud computing partners can integrate external web services with Salesforce including email platforms, weather reports, internal databases, etc or even connecting with a third-party system such as Informatica Cloud and Amazon S3. By integrating with processes that are critical to your business, we’re able to help you make your communications and procedures run smoother.

Mobile Apps

Thanks to great technologies such as tablets and smartphones, business is moving fast these days. Corporations are always looking to keep up, to gain advantage over the competition and add value to their business. Employees are constantly on, communicating with each other, connecting with clients and doing business on the go thanks to the capabilities of innovative smartphones. SkyPlanner Partners knows mobility is the future, so we develop custom mobile applications for enterprises such as sales app and lead/contact management tools.

Mobile apps can help you work seamlessly between meetings, when you’re traveling and when you have limited computer access. You’ll have all of the information you need displayed intelligently, making your daily operations easier, when you’re on the go. With mobile-ready custom applications, your solutions will have added value because they’re accessible from anywhere. Plus, with a friendly interface, you won’t miss a beat and your business will flourish.

Data Migration

Many reputable companies are now moving towards cloud computing, so SkyPlanner Partners knows we have to take into consideration our clients’ old application programs and methods of operating. Our seasoned team of Salesforce developers can help you import crucial data to your new Salesforce platform including the more antiquated legacy system. Your Miami Salesforce team is involved in the entire data migration process, from import to data transformation and testing. Rest assured that we’ve dealt with extensive data migration projects including multiple systems such as legacy CRMs, databases listings, flat files and even data migration/consolidation within Salesforce.

These are a few CRMs platforms your Miami Salesforce partners have been migrating data from lately:

  • QuickBase
  • Zoho CRM
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • Sugar CRM

Training & Support

One of the main advantages of working with your Miami cloud computing partners is that SkyPlanner Partners teaches you and your team how to use Salesforce and its custom apps we have chosen to optimize your business. We believe you need to fully understand the inner workings of the software in order to maximize its benefits and achieve your short-term and long-term goals. SkyPlanner Partners offers personalized training with content designed to help you best utilize.

We offer many ways to train your team so that it’s convenient for your staff and won’t interrupt the daily operations of your business. SkyPlanner Partners can train you in person, in your offices, or set up a conference call, webinar or even organize a presentation at an off-site meeting location such as a hotel. We have experience in not only setting up Salesforce for enterprises, we use it ourselves, making it easier to help other understand its functionality.