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Salesforce ERP Integration, a successful combination

To be successful in today’s business world, centralized data sources are essential. Achieving an efficient integration between Salesforce and other systems in your business can be challenging, but worth the effort. In this article we will present the main benefits of integrating Salesforce with ERP and the options you have to carry it out.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud, The All-In-One Solution For Your Business Growth

Throughout the sales life cycle, your company faces countless challenges. Periodically the inconsistencies of the operational system and the insufficiency of systemic norms creates contradictions mainly between your sales and finance departments. To minimize the incidents of these inconsistencies, Salesforce brought together several of its tools in Revenue Cloud.


The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce User Adoption

If you’ve already implemented Salesforce, now is the time to reap the first fruits. Think about the key users who use Salesforce in your organization and ask yourself, have they signed in recently? Is Salesforce making your job easier? If the answer is no, it is time to improve things and here we tell you how.


The Salesforce ABC’s

When you first step into the impressive world of Salesforce, definitions that are new for you will appear. Understanding them in depth is essential to fully exploit all their functionalities. We have summarized the most commonly used Salesforce terminology for you, which will help you at the beginning of your experience.

Salesforce 101 The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Salesforce 101: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

So you’ve googled Salesforce to find out what it’s all about and might have realized it has a LOT to offer. Where do you even start? Well, we created this cheat sheet for beginners like you to guide you through it all.