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Boosting Sales & User Adoption





About the company

Sony Professional Solutions Latin America is the division of the Sony Corporation responsible for the sale and distribution of professional-level audiovisual equipment in Latin America.

The challenge

Sony Professional Solutions Latin America (PSLA) was struggling with their existing sales processes: approvals were often delayed and cumbersome. Dealer contracts, product pricing and catalogs were difficult to manage. SAP integrations had serious problems and finally, the team lacked the tools they needed to communicate properly with their external consulting team, which led to an overall break down in communication and all around frustration.

Our solution

After assessing their situation, we determined that Sony PSLA would benefit from the 24/7, face-to-face support and continuous remote assistance that our team could offer, and recommended that we replace their current consulting resource. We also determined that we would need to use automation tools to streamline their manual processes and provide their employees with personalized, one-on-one training that would make them comfortable using the platform.

How we did it

Our team took an integral approach- first, we replaced their former team of external consultants with a dedicated in-house team that provided 24/7, face-to-face support and constant remote assistance. Then, we redesigned and automated discount approvals, product pricing and catalogs, enabling SONY PSLA to make, follow and track requests in Salesforce. Finally, we provided Sony employees with personalized training and the tools they needed to effectively manage their new Salesforce system and navigate its current/future features.

What we used

Sales Cloud

The results

Today, Sony can focus on what matters most—boosting sales. Through our newly implemented system, emergencies were reduced by 98% and response time increased by 99%, enabling Sony PSLA to manage sales quickly and effectively. Automating their processes gave the Sales, Marketing and Operation teams the tools and information they needed to do their jobs. And finally through our one-on-one, tailored training program, we encouraged widespread Salesforce, end-user adoption throughout the organization, making it easier for Sony to quickly adapt to their ever-changing environment.