Success Stories - Sony


While the Sony Corporation has expanded into other fields like cinema, music and financial services, it is still, at its core, a professional and consumer electronics company. Sony Professional Latin America is the division of the Sony Corporation responsible for the sale and distribution of professional-level audiovisual equipment in Latin America.


Consolidating all of Sony’s Latin America’s regional marketing sites into one central online location, whereas previously it had been housed on various technologies.
Sony kept running into security issues stemming from inadequacies found in the different technologies it previously implemented.
Sony wanted a single hub for all of its marketing data.


SkyPlanner fulfilled Sony’s need for a single marketing hub by creating a Generic Content Catalog that gives Sony marketing managers ready access to all the data they need to update, duplicate and rearrange their sites.
SkyPlanner began the Sony project by migrating all the content already existing on Wordpress and other technologies onto Salesforce’s platform.
SkyPlanner included various security measures in the new implementation including the use of CAPTCHA technology.
SkyPlanner revamped Sony Professional Latin America’s e-commerce sites, and various event sites using Parallax technology.
SkyPlanner implemented 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics into the project.


Sony Professional Latin America’s marketing outlets now work off of the new consolidated database created using technology. The database contains content generated within the Latin American region.
Sony Professional Latin America’s virtual webstore now has a uniform look and feel throughout.
Sony Professional Latin America’s marketing managers can now create, edit, and manage websites in real-time. They no longer have to upload content every time changes are to be made to a particular site. Instead, the content is readily available through the Generic Content Catalog.
New security measures help keep Sony’s new CMS database clean of fraudulent data.