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Success Story

Providing Veterans With Quality Care


Operation Sacred Trust


Non Profit

About the company

Operation Sacred Trust, or OST, is an organization funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs whose on a mission to help end homelessness for America’s veterans, through prevention and rapid rehousing.

The challenge

Operation Sacred Trust was struggling to find the best way to enter, track and find client data, specifically around client qualification & the placement process; to have more visibility of their clients’ lifecycle stages at OST; and to empower their case managers to effectively do their jobs and take better care of their clients. Their current system was outdated and broken, causing frustration across the board as case managers manually inputted data, struggled to do their jobs and provide their clients with care. Seeing a vast opportunity to improve their way of doing things, OST approached us with their challenge.

Our solution

Our solution – develop a more efficient qualification and approval process that enforced OST’s business requirements and took their organization digital–digitizing everything from their paperwork to their data.

How we did it

First, we implemented a more efficient qualification process so that case managers could create tasks, log calls, send emails, add multiple cases within a client account, and manage other activities. Then we used VisualForce to digitize all of OST’s paper forms and created a digital signature system that allowed case managers to collect and manage client signatures from anywhere. And finally, we implemented a steadfast approval process that enforced qualification and onboarding per OST’s business requirements.

What we used

VisualForce, Sales Cloud, Salesforce1 Platform, Partner Community

The results

Operation Sacred Trust’s newly implemented digital signature system significantly reduced processing times, streamlined document tracking and increased efficiency across the entire organization. Employees now had the ability to create easy-to-share, comprehensive client reports that provided information relevant to each stage of their lifecycle, which in turn helped them provide the highest quality of care possible.