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Success Story

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About the company

ChenMed is a physician-led, family-oriented organization committed to bringing superior healthcare to moderate and low income seniors.

The challenge

Like many of the clients we meet, ChenMed had purchased a standard, out-of-the-box Salesforce solution that didn’t meet their needs. Frustrated with the platform, employees had stopped using Salesforce and reverted to their old systems, creating widespread confusion and lack of operational visibility. Unclear on how to move forward with their investment, ChenMed hired us to help get them back on track.

Our solution

After a careful evaluation, we proposed to customize their current Salesforce solution, to meet their organization’s various needs which included providing executives with better visibility into daily operations, streamlining reporting, and to provide existing/potential patients with relevant news and event information.

How we did it

Armed with ChenMed’s insights, we set out to create custom workflows, triggers, custom reports and dashboards, amongst other updates to meet ChenMed’s business requirements and give their executives the visibility they needed over their day-to-day business operations. We also created a custom, patient-facing calendar application for the ChenMed website, providing patients with details on upcoming events. And finally we migrated ChenMeds’ existing data into one central location on Salesforce, providing the company with a comprehensive view of their patients.

What we used

Sales Cloud

The results

The results were monumental and far exceeded ChenMed’s expectations— employees now had the tools they needed to properly enter and track data within Salesforce, executives had a clear view of daily operations, and patients could stay up-to-date on the latest news and ChenMed events. Plus, all critical data was now safely stored and centrally located within Salesforce making it easy-to-access, read and report on.