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LifeConEx, DHL

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LifeConEx, DHL



About the company

LifeConEx, DHL’s temperature management specialist, enables clients of all sizes to transport temperature-sensitive products globally. Combining proprietary technologies, such as LifeTrack and in-transit sensors, with expert analysts, advisors and auditors, LifeConEx delivers cold chain, end-to-end visibility, monitoring and management.

The challenge

LifeConEx wanted to take their business global, but to do so, they needed to standardize their operational procedures and help customers use their services more efficiently. Our challenge – develop a new system that would help them scale globally, standardize their various procedures, and provide customers with better service.

Our solution

After careful evaluation and multiple discussions with the LifeConEx IT team, we proposed to develop a new and enhanced cold chain network that would help customers easily select the services they needed in real-time, from one integrated IT platform.

How we did it

Using various Salesforce applications including the custom application, along with third-party applications, we successfully optimized and prepared LifeConEx’s original tracking system, LifeTrack for global expansion and provided the company with a standardized method of assessing and certifying DHL Global Forwarding stations.

What we used

The results

As a result of our work, LifeConEx could finally plan smart SOPs (standard operating procedures) using historical data to minimize global risk; aggregate performance data and apply it to future shipments; and provide customer protection for all of their specific needs and scenarios.

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