Success Stories - DHL


In 2011 DHL acquired 100% ownership of cold-chain subsidiary LifeConEx. To better serve the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry DHL wanted to adopt LifeTrack as the operational platform to support a new standard for the air freight transportation of temperature-sensitive shipments: DHL THERMONET. LifeTrack was developed by LifeConEx with SkyPlanner as the implementation partner for over three years, and is continuously evolving.


The broadest challenge was standardizing the LifeTrack system previously deployed by DHL subsidiary LifeConEx, across the entirety of the DHL Global Forwarding network.
The process required a method of assessing over 30 DHL Global Forwarding stations to comply with the latest Life Science and Healthcare industry standards.
Requirements included seamless integration with DHL’s SmartSensor technology and DHL Resilience 360 system.


SkyPlanner assigned a team of eight members to the project.
LifeTrack includes over 200 custom objects.
A wide spectrum of Salesforce technologies were used: CRM customization, Site, Customer and Partner Portals, and most notably Visualforce pages to develop custom tools and an enhanced user experience.
Integration with third-party systems was achieved by using SOAP and REST web services, as well as Single Sign On.


Thanks to LifeTrack’s proactive 24/7/365 monitoring, DHL THERMONET provides the highest visibility standard in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.
All data collected from the SmartSensors uploads automatically into LifeTrack. This allows the highly trained and dedicated DHL THERMONET support staff to ensure the integrity of customers’ shipments.
DHL THERMONET offers a simplified automated document control and change management system.
Transparent compliance with regulatory standards set forth by local and international regulatory bodies.