Use your existing customer data to quickly and easily create DHL shipments.

Currently the only DHL shipping application on the Salesforce AppExchange, spDHL from SkyPlanner uses the power of Salesforce data to simplify the process of shipping with the world’s largest international express mail courier. spDHL seamlessly integrates with your customer data and business processes, allowing you to conveniently set up and monitor all aspects of your shipments from Salesforce.

With spDHL you can create shipments, request rate quotes, print shipping labels and schedule pickups all in one place: your Salesforce org.
Create new shipments or quotes using the “New DHL Shipment” button on any existing lead, account, contact or opportunity; and certain fields will be automatically populated with data from that record.
Manage and track your shipments directly from the related record inside Salesforce.

Note: If you need to print ZPL or EPL labels please download our spDHLZPrinter application from the following link: