All your Salesforce data in one page.

Gone are the days of right-click and open in new tab. Jumping from browser tab to browser tab is a thing of the past. spExplorer allows Salesforce users to group all their data into one single page and browse through it using an easy-to-navigate tree view. That means users can now see a customers contact info and purchase history simultaneously. Now you can view all that information on one page in a convenient tab view.

View Salesforce data using an easy-to-use tree view.
Open different Salesforce folders and records in tabs on one page instead of on multiple browser tabs.
Combine records from different Salesforce objects into one folder containing all the information you need in one place.
Easy drag-and-drop interface makes consolidating data easy.
Painlessly convert anything with a Salesforce ID into tree view mode with the click of a button.