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Alce Distributors


Logistics & Supply Chain

About the company

Alce Distributors LLC. is an International freight forwarding company based in Miami, FL. Since 2009, it has offered customers the highest quality of services in various areas of export and import by air, ocean, ground and custom handling in the United States, Colombia, Panama, Spain, China and the United Kingdom.

The challenge

Alce Distributors was struggling to effectively run their shipping, logistics & business operations and adequately respond to internal and external environmental factors. They came to us with the following challenge- to streamline their CRM platform and help the company deliver a more efficient shipping experience for their customers.

Our solution

After a quick assessment of their existing operational capabilities, tools and interviews with stakeholders, we determined that a comprehensive solution which would include moving the company onto the cloud, establishing door-to-door logistics, automating their delivery chain, and implementing strict security measures that controlled the level of access employees had to customer data was needed.

How we did it

We started by implementing a custom, cloud platform that would enable the company to better manage their shipping channels across Latin America and give them better visibility into customer management, stores, third-party agencies, waybills, manifests, billing, tracking, answering queries and reporting. Then we established a door-to-door logistics mechanism that automated the delivery chain and notified Alce Distributors of important events related to shipping documents, customs re-evaluations and/or customer claims. After that, we addressed their customer data security concerns by implementing measures that controlled the type of access employees had to critical customer data. Finally, we created a custom module called Pricebooks which gave the company the ability to set fees and services for each of their locations.

What we used, Sites, Customer & Partner Portals

The results

ALCE Distributors saw immediate results, from day one. With their new system in place, they could now resolve their employee, third-party and customer claims quickly and efficiently; they could share accurate pricing for all services, regardless of purchase location and shipping destination; and finally provide customers with real-time status updates on their deliveries, including service disruptions if applicable. With these improvements, employee engagement skyrocketed and customer satisfaction reached an all time high, helping Alce turn around the business.