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Protano’s Bakery


Food & Beverage

About the company

Protano’s Bakery is a family-operated business and a South Florida staple, serving wholesale baked goods to a long list of loyal customers since 1970.

The challenge

Protano’s Bakery was changing ownership, when the new owners requested an audit and in-depth analysis of their existing business operations, capabilities, tools and resources. Their initial assessment showed that Protano’s systems were outdated, disconnected and were drastically slowing down operations (i.e., orders were taking more than 3 hours/day to process). Customers were unhappy. Employees were tired of their daily, manual labor. And worst of all, there was no visibility nor accuracy across customer data, including everything from orders, products, customer balances and so on. Protano’s new owners knew that a dramatic change was needed in order to save the business.

Our challenge – evaluate their systems, determine what needed to be done and turn their business around quickly.

Our solution

Our solution- to use Salesforce to build an integrated and tailored CRM system that could store Protano’s data and provide their operations, sales, customer service, accounting, production, fulfillment and delivery teams with the visibility they needed to deliver great service to their customers.

How we did it

To create this system, we built a customized order entry interface which sped up processing, implemented automated rules to alleviate manual work, integrated their accounting system, enabled Salesforce Mobile App for driver deliveries and implemented other modules that facilitated their order processing and accepted credit card payments.

What we used

Sales Cloud

The results

As a result of our efforts, Protano’s experienced a boost in customer service, customer visibility, team collaboration and productivity. The team could now focus on more pressing, strategic work instead of spending their entire day processing orders. And newly empowered drivers could now resolve delivery issues in real-time, significantly improving customer satisfaction.