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About the company

Based out of South Florida, CubaMax is a travel agency providing comprehensive services to the Cuban American community.

The challenge

Cubamax was struggling to grow its business due to its dependency on outdated local systems (desktop applications) and lack of supporting infrastructure (tools, resources and capabilities). In 2011, they approached us with this challenge and asked us to help them streamline their business, implement the tools they needed to get back on track and help them take their company to the next level.

Our solution

Our solution was three-fold. We proposed to move their operations and data onto the cloud, create an app that would simplify communications between the company and their customers, regardless of internet speed capabilities and find a solution that would enable real-time communications between the company and its international partners, sales reps and clients.

How we did it

We started by customizing a app, where we enabled customer tracking, signature collection and the ability to track individual and partner performance (indirect sales, referrals, remittances). We also set up the new app to comply with OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) regulations which streamlined the verification of remittances.

Next, we created an additional site within the Cubamax Salesforce platform which made is easier-to-access from any computer, regardless of how quick or slow the internet connection was. Many of Cubamax’s customers were in countries with outdated telecommunications infrastructure, so this new platform allowed the company to communicate using basic text and minimal graphics.

Finally, we integrated a third-party app known as Twilio, a cloud communications tool, which gave Cubamax the ability to communicate in real-time with its international partners, salespeople and clients.

What we used, Sites, Customer Portals, Partner Portals, Visualforce, Triggers, Classes, Custom Homepage Components, Twilio

The results

The results were dramatic. Not only did we streamline their business, but we rebuilt their entire internal and international infrastructure which gave them the tools they needed to quickly scale their business and gain the advantage over encroaching competitors.

Thanks to their new applications, Cubamax was now able to share real-time information with customers, internal branches and partner agencies, triple remittances, track and compare performance reports, increase sales forecasting and open new branch offices, and easily partner with other agencies. It was an all-around win for the company!