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About the company

Deliver Lean is South Florida’s original diet meal delivery service. Committed to helping their customers live a happier, healthier, fuller life, Deliver Lean prepares portion controlled meals that are delivered directly to your door.

The challenge

Working with various outdated, disconnected systems, DeliverLean was growing increasingly dependent on manually processing information–everything from billing to forecasting meals, which led to a lack of customer visibility and eventually a break down in customer service. Their challenge to us – develop a permanent solution that would help them optimize operations, reduce costs, increase productivity and deliver a better customer experience.

Our solution

Our solution – to create an integrated and automated system that would significantly improve their operations and efficiency, save them time & money, and deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Our approach was comprehensive, we needed to 1) automate lengthy manual processes, 2) design a tailored customer community, and 3) provide their employees with extensive training.

How we did it

First, we implemented and integrated the company’s billing process into Salesforce and provided the company with intensive employee training. Second, we automated all of the processes inside the order room—from preparation, to packing and route planning. Finally, we developed a customer community providing clients with a personalized experience that enabled them to create and modify their orders, see transactions and available credit, and rate their experience.

What we used, Sites, Customer Community, Visualforce, Triggers, Classes, Components, Authorize.NET, REST API

The results

Thanks to their new capabilities–increased customer visibility and newly automated system, DeliverLean saw immediate and lasting results. With their new, 360 view of their customers, they were able to provide a more personalized experience and give customers full control over their order and transactions. Additionally, DeliverLean’s new automated system helped them streamline all orders—reducing errors and time spent on processing and correcting errors—and generate better reports, forecasts and cost savings.