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Create a Salesforce experience that's right for you.

Getting started with Salesforce can be a major headache. That's why it's critical to choose the best implementation for your company’s size and needs from the get-go. The right implementation for your business won't only set you up for success, but it'll also enable you to maximize your return on investment and increase your bottom line while minimizing costs.

As a Silver Salesforce Consulting & AppExchange Partner, we know that implementing Salesforce into your organization isn’t a one-and-done thing; it's an ongoing journey. Equipped with 20+ years of combined IT experience, 67+ certifications and South Florida's largest team of Salesforce certified in-house specialists, we're confident that wherever you're on your Salesforce journey, we have the industry know-how, expertise and tools to help you.

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I am new to Salesforce.
Great news! We have just the solution for you. Our QuickStart Packages are aimed to help you get up and running quickly on Salesforce CRM. Each package comes with a predefined scope of work that'll enable you to learn best practices, create a road map to help your organization meet management needs and see dramatic improvements in a short period of time, ultimately maximizing your Salesforce potential quickly and efficiently.

Our QuickStarts include-
  • Pardot
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Customer Communities
  • & MORE!
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I am already a Salesforce user but I can't seem to make it work for my business.
Don’t worry, we've got you! At SkyPlanner, we specialize in helping customers find the best solution to their problems and maximize their results without breaking the bank.

Through our many years of experience, we have learned that sometimes the best solution already exists— either as a standard Salesforce feature or as a ready-to-use app on the AppExchange (Salesforce’s version of the AppStore). Armed with this insight, our team works closely with you to define your biggest challenges, evaluates your current set up and looks through the Salesforce ecosystem for an existing solution(s) that can best address your needs and help you get the most out of your Salesforce experience.

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I am already a Salesforce user, but I am looking for something more custom
Many of our Clients come to us with this request and what we’ve learned is that sometimes a quick solution or easy fix already exists. And other times, our Clients benefit from a more advanced customization that involves building something from scratch, unique to their business. At SkyPlanner, we offer both basic and advanced customization solutions and services. Our talented in-house team of Salesforce-certified specialists, developers and business analysts will work closely with you to determine your business requirements, current operational challenges and develop something specific to your needs.

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Learn about our custom solutions & services.

Third-party Integrations

Hybrid/Native Mobile Apps

Fully Branded Communities

Data Transformation

Custom Apps

Workflows & Approvals

Secured Web Services

Custom Heroku Apps

Lightning Components

IoT Implementations

Visualforce Development

CPQ Implementations

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When our company needed a solution to capture and report Time spent by our “Salesforce users” on direct and indirect selling activity, we decided to leverage the platform to design and create a custom application that would adapt to our internal requirements. Rene, Jorge and the team at SkyPlanner quickly turned this around for us. Their personal, and business detailed attention in addition to their “on-site team” of developers, gave us an extra layer of comfort. They are highly recommended.

Cesar Rojas

Taking Salesforce to the next level. Finding SkyPlanner on the AppExchange was a blessing for our company. Within 2 months they’ve helped to take our business to the next level. We are now able to do things with Salesforce that we never thought possible. In fact, besides organizing and streamlining our entire data entry process, we are now able to see an accurate snapshot of our business at any given time. We are currently working with SkyPlanner on new and exciting projects and see ourselves doing so as long as we are in business which will hopefully be a very long time! I would recommend SkyPlanner to anyone looking for help with their Salesforce whether it’s a minor upgrade or major overhaul. They’re simply the best!

Larry Sharon

Best Salesforce Implementation partner we’ve ever worked with. We have worked with a few Salesforce partners in Brazil (where our company is located) and had several bad experiences. We then looked at partners in the US and through research found SkyPlanner, who we worked with for almost 1 year implementing our CRM with automatic integrations with our ERP. Our experience with them was absolutely great – they are very detail oriented, result driven, and client focused. Their CEO, Rene, strives to deliver the best solution for your particular application, and makes sure the project is delivered on time (something almost impossible in IT). We absolutely recommend SkyPlanner as a top notch Salesforce provider.

Richemn Mourad

The best service and the most professional team. Thanks to SkyPlanner I can now use Salesforce for everything I need.

Izhak Musli

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