Success Stories - Reduction International

Reduction International

Before bringing SkyPlanner into the fold, Reduction International’s business practices funneled almost all of the company’s logistics through misapplied on-premises software, primarily Quickbooks. SkyPlanner was able to transform Reduction International’s sales structure with complete customization of the company’s recently implemented Salesforce platforms.


Complete lack of informational control within the company.
Disconnect between departments due to lack of a standardized sales process.
No lead management process.
Ineffective document management.
Lack of internal collaboration.
Ineffective analytics led to inability to effectively target potential leads within the company’s niche market.


Salesforce CRM custom app for account management, lead management, and opportunity management.
Leveraged platform to quickly generate customized purchase orders and quotes.
Created custom solutions for email management.
Implemented Chatter rollout.
Enhanced visuals with layouts


Increased conversion rate from leads.
Increased number of won opportunities.
Decreased time from lead generation to closing of deals.
Increased marketing activity to attract more clients due to confidence in being able to handle more concurrent sales.
Increased overall satisfaction from sales staff due to sales being easier to track and execute.
Better analytics has led to more successful pinpointing of potential clients.