Success Stories - Parkson


Parkson specializes in providing solutions for portable water, processed water, and industrial and municipal wastewater applications. Despite already using Salesforce for their CRM needs, Parkson needed a way for its employees to easily and accurately log the times they spent working on different tasks and opportunities.


Parkson’s record keeping was done outside of Salesforce which made it difficult for employees to log the time they spent working to develop and close individual tasks and opportunities.
Mobile salespeople did not have a way to log their times when on the road.
Convoluted input methods led to inaccuracies in data entry and recording.
Management had no way of quantifying time spent on opportunities versus the return on investment.


SkyPlanner created an app consisting of a Visualforce page where users could quickly and easily log their work hours.
Visualforce page was easily accessible from the sidebar in users’ Salesforce interface.
SkyPlanner made the Visualforce application mobile-friendly so Parkson sales reps in the field could input their data as easily as in-house employees.
Application is designed to remind users to enter their times through the use of email integration.


The ease with which users could input their time led to not only to more accurate information but also increased employee satisfaction.
Through more comprehensive reports and dashboards, Parkson management could see where company resources were best being used. They had the ability to gauge if the amount of manpower used on a particular opportunity was equal to the return the opportunity could/would provide.