Success Stories - Operation Sacred Trust

Operation Sacred Trust

Operation Sacred Trust, or OST, is an organization funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs whose mission it is to help the more than 1,000 homeless or low-income U.S. veterans living in Miami Dade and Broward counties.


Developing a better way to track data gathered during its businesses processes, specifically the client qualification process that begins when OST is approached by a veteran, and then the placement process once a client is qualified. Specifically 10 paper forms needed to be digitized.
There needed to be a better way to input and find information in the Clients standard tab for use in the placement phase.
OST required the creation of a way for employees to create tasks, events, log calls, send emails, create notes, and upload documents to each tab.
OST required new report types centered around client information.


SkyPlanner put in place a more efficient qualification process in which case managers can input information for different cases inside a client’s account.
SkyPlanner made it possible for case managers to create tasks, log calls, and send emails, and other events relating to clients within in their accounts.
SkyPlanner used Visualforce forms to digitize all of OST’s paper forms.
SkyPlanner created a digital signature system that allows case managers to use Wacom tablets to collect and manage client signatures anywhere.
SkyPlanner implemented a steadfast approval process to enforce qualification and onboarding per OST’s business rules.


It is now easier for OST employees to differentiate and process, within each Salesforce tab, the information relevant to the different stages of the client.
OST now has the ability to create comprehensive reports about their clients that can be easily shared amongst employees.
The digital signature system implemented by SkyPlanner has drastically cut paperwork processing time of client cases.
Document tracking with indications for completed and pending documents per client.