Success Stories - LifeTrack


LifeConEx, founded in 2005 as a joint venture between DHL and Lufthansa, is a global leader in the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Unfortunately, the company’s previous system for monitoring its cold-chain logistics had become outdated and in need of replacement. With Salesforce1 as the platform and SkyPlanner as the implementation partner, LifeTrack was developed as a new system capable of continuous expansion.


The system had to be able to track traditional CRM records such as customer and account information, and opportunities.
The system had to be able to build standard operating procedures (SOPs) for cold-chain.
The system had to provide visibility to proactively monitor a shipment in real-time according to its SOP.
The system had to be capable of raising alerts for issues such as delays, temperature excursions, etc.
The system had to facilitate conducting investigations to resolve customer complaints.
There had to be a way to grant customers and partners with access to the platform.


SkyPlanner deployed its largest team ever to tackle the LifeTrack project.
Technologies from the entire spectrum of Salesforce capabilities were used in the development of LifeTrack, the most important being Visualforce pages.
Over 200 custom objects were created for LifeTrack.
SkyPlanner paired Apex code with other markup languages to enhance the capabilities of the Visualforce pages.
A partner portal and a Site were created to grant access to partners and customers.


LifeConEx can now create efficient and cost-effective smart SOPs (standard operating procedures) using data collected throughout the cold-chain.
360 degree visibility of the entire cold chain process map for every shipment, allowing for quick intervention should any issues arise with a shipment, guaranteeing integrity of the shipments.
Customers can now access all their shipment data with ease, and view that data in attractive visualizations on their own custom dashboards.
LifeConEx now has a tool to perform forensic analysis on shipments, and provide customers with an Investigation Report.