Success Stories - Lamac


LAMAC, short for the Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council, is a non-profit coalition comprised of the leading groups of paid television channels - A&E OLE, Chello, Discovery, FOX, Sony, and Turner – in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S. The coalition was founded in 2002 with the aim to collect, analyze, and share crucial audience information needed by the advertising industry in Latin America for operations in marketing and media planning.


The first challenge was cleaning up the 5 country-centric databases operated by LAMAC while also establishing a single online location for LAMAC to track all the operations of teams in different countries.
LAMAC’s CRM needed to be fully integrated with both a mass-email system, a 3rd party survey application, and it’s own proprietary audience analytics system.
LAMAC was eager to implement a better way of defining roles within the system and assigning tasks to said roles.
LAMAC was in dire need for a community where members would have access to all data from across the entire 5-country databases and store community documents accessible to users in all its member countries.


SkyPlanner implemented a Sales Cloud solution to manage LAMAC’s leads, contacts, accounts, etc.
SkyPlanner set up a private partner community where LAMAC members could securely share data.
SkyPlanner leveraged the full capabilities of Visualforce to fully customize the aforementioned partner community with LAMAC’s branding (refer to screenshots page).
SkyPlanner used the capabilities of roles to segregate data according to LAMAC’s business rules.
SkyPlanner successfully integrated LAMAC’s analytics system into its Salesforce organization (refer to More Details page).
SkyPlanner created custom reports and dashboards that could filter and visualize information from LAMAC’s proprietary analytics system.
SkyPlanner implemented Salesforce Files for easy sharing of internal information and documents between member countries.


Sales data and other crucial information can now be securely shared between the 5 databases that live in the LAMAC system using the new custom community created by SkyPlanner.
The new system automatically de-duplicates data, eliminating redundancies and providing LAMAC members with a 360 degree view of the coalition’s data.
Through roles created based on LAMAC’s business rules, data is now segregated securely.
Extensive report and dashboard customization gave LAMAC users an increased ability to track data collected from every data source within the 5-country network.
Salesforce Files allows users in any country to have immediate access to any document they need, expediting overall business processes.