Salesforce is utilized in a great number of fields, from media to retail to biology and IT. The customizable CRM platform truly transforms businesses into real success stories. SkyPlanner Partners specializes in leveraging Salesforce for a number of industries including life sciences. This particular field has numerous unique needs and limitations including temperature and time sensitivity. Life sciences encompasses living organisms. Think genetics, biomedical science, medical devices, cell biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and so much more. Testing laboratories, vaccine companies and clinical trial enterprises are all companies that can grow thanks to Salesforce.

LifeConEx is one of SkyPlanner Partners’ clients within the life sciences field. LifeConEx offers end-to-end cold chain management solutions for a global landscape. They offer shorter cycle times, a reduction in temperature excursion, fewer damages than other shippers… ultimately making sure the product is in perfect condition. This means dealing with a number of challenges and finding solutions to circumvent them such as passive insulated boxes and active cool containers or even orchestrating various transportation modes such as air and ocean. Your Miami Salesforce partners developed a new shipment tracker application for LifeConEx by using a customized app, enhancing their visibility over sensitive shipments and providing them with a new set of tools to help streamline the tracking process.

If your enterprise is part of the life sciences industry, please contact SkyPlanner Partners so we can help you leverage Salesforce for your business.


Logistics is a colossal area of interest for corporations. It involves the highly-detailed organization and implementation of various operating parts of an enterprise. This includes people, facilities and supplies directly affecting performance and cost. Logistics fall into a number of areas from procurement and production to distribution and after sales to disposal and reverse. Each field consists of different activities such as market research, layout planning, warehousing, transportation, reducing waste, even sales of surplus. Logistics is an enormous field with many moving parts and complex information.

SkyPlanner Partners helps our clients to optimize their planning, implementing and controlling their flow of goods and services from place of origin like a warehouse, for example, to the end user, their valuable customers.


The tourism and hospitality industry covers a wide variety of businesses including hotels, resorts, theme parks, travel agencies, airlines, casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, money remittance and the list goes on. Travel and tourism is such an immense field, it actually affects a country’s economy. Tourism has become a global leisure activity with over 983 million international tourist arrivals worldwide in 2011 alone. The industry is definitely a force to be reckoned with since it impacts a lot of the service-related sector as well as the import and export business, not to mention the direct effects on social and cultural sectors.

SkyPlanner Partners specializes in leveraging the Salesforce platform for companies working in the tourism and hospitality industry.


SkyPlanner Partners believes in giving back to the community that has given so much to us. We believe in paying it forward and helping nonprofit organizations with our skills, resources, know-how and specialized services. We have an expert team in Miami, Florida made up of developers, architects and business analysts proficient in Salesforce.

We’re aware of the magnitude of the nonprofit world, with charity organizations of all sizes, causes and specialties. Some are helping the homeless get back on their feet, some support foster care while others are running nursing homes. But the one commonality is doing good by those they serve, so SkyPlanner Partners wants to do good by the nonprofits.

Please contact us to see how SkyPlanner Partners can help you and your organization leverage the Salesforce platform and receive discounted technologies.