Success Stories - Elephant Group

Elephant Group

The Elephant Group’s use of an external billing system for its brand Techzilla led to more than a few headaches concerning the linking of sales data to subsequent billing. SkyPlanner integrated a billing system into Techzilla’s existing Salesforce platform to give customer support a complete 360 degree view of customers.


An external billing system that was disconnected from the company’s Salesforce platform – customer support had to gather sales information then go outside of Salesforce to perform the actual billing activities.
External billing platform meant there was a lack of visibility in customer accounts when it came to billing history.
There was a lack of enforcement of business rules that could restrict certain actions for transactions depending on the type of transactions.


SkyPlanner provided custom development within Techzilla’s preexisting Service Cloud application.
Removed dependency on external system for billing operations.
Provided integration with the new billing system to transfer the information to the accounts.
Implemented a Business Rules engine that could determine the possible actions needed and/or allowed to execute a billing transaction.


Exponential decrease in the rate of billing errors stemming from misfiled sales data in the external billing system.
More visibility concerning billing activities led shorter beginning-to-end sales cycles.
Shortened time between approval request submissions and approval by authorized personnel thanks to new approval system.
Elephant Group/Techzilla experienced an improved customer service response and satisfaction as a result of shortened information retrieval time by customer support staff.