Success Stories - Discovery


Begun in 1985 with a single channel, Discovery Communications has grown into a global mass media company with 53 network entertainment brands. Discovery Networks Latin America /U.S. Hispanic is comprised of 13 media brands that reach 352 million subscribers in 48 countries and territories.


New to digital CRM, Discovery Communications needed a tool to streamline its sales processes across its different Latin American (LatAm) markets. SkyPlanner was faced with developing, from scratch, a CRM system that could handle all of Discovery’s requirements.
The project also involved centralizing client data in order to effectively share it between markets, and ensure efficient collaboration between said markets.
Major pain points expressed by Discovery included streamlining forecasting and account conflict management; organizing of client information and how users access it; tracking marketing campaigns; and tracking consumption and the commissions that result.


SkyPlanner assisted Discovery through the process of establishing Salesforce as the company’s CRM; facilitating the importation of contacts, accounts, and existing pipeline data for general Discovery account management.
To address most of Discovery’s pain points SkyPlanner created custom tools for forecasting, account conflict management, and commission calculation.
SkyPlanner created custom consumption report types that replaced Discovery’s old practice of using Microsoft Excel.
SkyPlanner developed a training plan for local and overseas staff to ensure adoption and application of the Discovery CRM throughout Discovery’s Latin American network. A system for continued support is also in place.


Discovery’s new Salesforce CRM streamlined the company’s sales processes, allowing for more effective and efficient business practices across all LatAm markets.
A centralized repository of information allows for better collaboration between LatAm markets.
The custom tools developed by SkyPlanner-Forecast Tool and Commission Calculator- and new account conflict search capabilities give Discovery users the utmost visibility in the company’s business processes, eliminating waste of time and money.
All reporting is now done within Salesforce, eliminating the need for 3rd party software.
Marketing databases are now more organized.