Success Stories - Cubamax


Cubamax was having difficulties expanding its business due to the use of a limited on-premises desktop application. After implementing a SkyPlanner-customized Salesforce application Cubamax saw a large increase in their sales due to exponentially more efficient business practices.


Inability to perform real-time sharing between salespeople, partner agencies or customers.
Required an on-premises server to perform daily data backup.
Principal office had cumbersome business operations with external branches.
Excessive time needed to get OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury) verification on remittances meant many times they were not submitted, and thus not enforced.


SkyPlanner software architects, analysts, and developers implemented a custom application that completely revamped the prior system by making it easier for Cubamax employees to enter and retrieve sales data.
SkyPlanner implemented a Partner Portal for better inter-agency communication.
SkyPlanner streamlined the process Cubamax uses to deliver remittances to a number of locations.


Cubamax branches now share customer information more efficiently resulting in better service to customers.
Number of remittances through Cubamax nearly tripled.
Real-time OFAC compliance verification.
Increased visibility thanks to dashboards and reports.
Increased sales forecasting.
Business expansion resulting in the opening of new branch offices.
Easy partnering with other agencies due to seamless integration.