Success Stories - Cennabras


Cennabras is a Brazilian company with 30 years of history in the precious metals industry, with a focus on the segmenting of chemicals, soldering or brazing, and electrical contacts. Cennabras occupies a prominent place in the market with it’s broad portfolio of products and offerings in differentiated services in the Silver, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium markets; and has received accolades for its work with imported raw materials with high purity levels.


Cennabras needed a system to route leads to the correct salespeople based on criteria such as type of business, industry, geographic location, etc.
Cennabras also needed a way to track sales activities inside its Salesforce organization.
The company’s ERP system, Microsiga, needed to be integrated into its Salesforce organization.
Cennabras needed a solution to the severe disconnect between salespeople and the back end system that controlled the company’s ordering processes.


SkyPlanner created custom objects developed to support Cennabras business requirements.
Jitterbit integration facilitated the integration between Cennabras’s ERP Microsiga and Salesforce batches created by SkyPlanner.
SkyPlanner created a custom pricing module from scratch to support Cennabras’s business operations and auto-generate prices based on customer preferences.


Reduced the time it took salespeople to send pricing information to clients by up to 95%.
Increased visibility in tracking sales activities.
Integration between Microsigas and Salesforce empowered the sales team at Cennabras with the company’s latest ERP data.
Salesforce1 mobile integration gave users immediate access to the company’s latest sales data.
Replacing Outlook with Salesforce allowed for better working relationships and communication between salespeople and their customers.